Everything you need to become the best agent in the business!
Everything A New Agent Needs in Your First Year of Business
Hold Open Houses
 that Earn You Business
Become the Go-To Agent
in your Market

Become more successful 
by properly identifying your 
goals and making actionable 
steps to reach them.

Thrive in the entrepreneur mindset 
with a business that you control
rather than your business 
controlling your life. Your business 
is what you do, not who you are- 
don’t lose yourself in work.

Mindset training to 
build your confidence 
as you grow your business 
and balance your life.

Do business in a way that plays
to your strengths, and learn to 
delegate other time-consuming 
tasks when you’re able. Focus on 
“money-making” activities with your time.

Build a business with 
clients you choose to work 
with- and refer the rest.

Set intentional expectations 
and boundaries with clients while 
building confidence in your skills 
as you master your business.

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